LDR Engines and Gearboxes

Who is LDR Engines and Gearboxes

What does LDR Stand for


Loyalty refers to a strong sense of commitment, faithfulness, or allegiance towards our customers. It implies a steadfast and unwavering dedication, often accompanied by a sense of duty or obligation.


Determined to help our customers to find the best prices, products, service and solution for their problem.


LDR has been in the industry for more than a decade, servicing various regions in both Africa and South Africa. We’ve sold over 6000+ Engine’s to customers Nation wide over the period of the past 10 years.

A bit more about our companies history

LDR was founded by two driven young brothers who shared an unbelievable passion for motorcar racing since the age of 3. This passion was inspired by their father who is till date one of the most well known and best Hot Rod Racers in the world. The love and passion they had for racing and the motor industry grew and stayed with them till they we’re presented with the opportunity to Import Engines & Gearboxes to share their knowledge of the industry with people that needed their assistance. After traveling the UK with their Father to find the best quality suppliers, they opened their doors to the public early 2014.

They have now been in the trade for over 10 years and built up an extensive reputation for their guidance and knowledge when it comes to the trade.

What is LDR’s goal in the industry?

To constantly better and expand their knowledge in the industry, to build a company you not only want to support, but HAVE to support.

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