LDR Engines and Gearboxes

Terms and Conditions

Engine Terms & Conditions

All our Engines are under 100 000 km’s

·       3-month unlimited kilometers warranty on the internal parts only from the date of purchase for engines & gearboxes. 

·       7-day warranty period on parts from date of invoice.

·       We offer a 6 month 20 000km guarantee on all engines fitted by us (the engine must be serviced by LDR after 3 months of the invoice date to qualify for the next 3 months warranty.)

·       All Turbos are covered by a 7 day warranty from date of invoice

·       No warranty on oil leaks

·       No warranty on any attached accessories and parts such as manifolds, carburetor, distributor, alternator, starter, water pump, injectors, thermostat, clutch, flywheel, timing belter of belt driven engines and all seals or any sensors etc. even though it is supplied with the engine as an extra.

Following the Terms and Conditions provided behind the original invoice, these are other sets of terms which need to be adhered to qualify for warranty.

1.) All Engines oil must be flushed & replaced with recommended new oil as per manufacture standards.

2.) All Engines must be fitted by a qualified RMI registered mechanic.

3.) All Engines must be fully serviced by means of new oil, oil filters, spark plugs, cam belts and water pumps. Timing of the engines to be checked is also strongly recommended.

4.) Proof of the above 3 mentioned points must be produced to LDR Engines & Gearboxes if for some or other reason there is a fault with the engine by means of a valid invoice or pictures.

5.) If for any reason whatsoever, the engines have a fault in terms of bearing knock, smoking, noisy in the block or head or any other, proof of such events MUST be communicated to your salesman by means of video sent on whatsapp by your salesman.

a.) Should there be any fault internally with the engine, it MUST be returned to LDR Engines & Gearboxes within the warranty period. If returned after such period, the engine will NOT be accepted.

b.) Should there be a fault with the engine, LDR Engines & Gearboxes holds the right for a 7-Day inspection period. If no negligence was found from the client, LDR Engines & Gearboxes will either refund or replace the engine. If replacing the engine is an option and the client refuses to accept so, the client is subjected to a 30% handling fee.

6.) Due to the engine standing for some time, it is only natural that there might be sludge in the engine, therefore it is strongly recommended to remove the sump, tappet covers, oil pick-up and to be cleaned thoroughly with petrol or paraffin.

7.) No claim on consequential damages, labor costs, courier costs, towing costs, vehicle hire, downtime and/or claims for any charges arise from the exchange or refund of goods will be recognised. 




Refunds & Exchanges:

  • There shall be no cash refunds.
  • Refunds are done on every Friday.
  • A 15% handling fee on goods correctly supplied.
  • There is a 7 day policy to exchange a faulty engine.
  • Customers has 7 days to exchange parts, no refunds will be made.


The warranty shall not apply to or include any of the following:

  1. Repair or replacement due to any accident, misuse, collision, upset, fire, negligence ,alterations, racing events, improper installation, or repair. No warranty on any car without software.
  2. Oil leaks, blown head gasket and overheating due to poor cooling system.
  3. Bent valves, lock up or backfire due to broken timing belt or wring timing set. New timing belt MUST be installed on all belt-driven engines before installation.
  4. Internal damage caused by dropping obstacles into combustion chambers.
  5. We do not provide any warranty on electrical components.
  6. No rubber seals in the engine will be warranted for oil leaks ( valve stem seals, rear main seals, front main seals, cam seals. )
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