Who we are

Most of us like to know a bit about the people we’re dealing with, whether socially or in business, so here’s a bit of background on the brothers Myburgh. We come from a family where cars and racing have been part of our everyday life from as far back as we can remember. Suffice it to say, our blood is almost engine-oil gold. Llewellyn and I have both driven in speciality races since we were very young: Llewellyn started when he was seven and I began when I was three. In both cases this was oval track go-kart races and we both progressed to being Club and Regional Champions. Llewellyn moved up to the MiniStox class when he was 13 and became Club Champion every year.

This was a natural progression for me as well and part of my journey in this racing family. During this period our Dad, Rudy, also raced Modified Saloons and in 2000 became owner of the Mahem Oval Track in Pretoria. This was also the year that he moved up to 2.1-litre Modified Saloons. When Llewellyn turned 17 he upgraded to the 2.0-litre Hotrods (Pintos) where he achieved some of his best results, ranking third in South Africa and second in the World Final in 2012. In 2014 he moved to the Legends Class, finishing ninth in the world and second in the series.

I started in the Legends in 2014 as well and it was really a family record, as I finished eighth in the world and first in the series in that year, giving us a Myburgh one-two. My Dad sold the Mahem Oval Track in 2009 after competing in the Hotrod class where he was the SA Champion five times and was awarded with South African colours. Now he has also joined in the Legends Class. We have a racing team, Bamboo Racing, who do all the mechanical work and prepare the cars for the races so we can concentrate on driving.

So cars, engines and racing are in our DNA. That’s why we chose to work with engines at LDR, and why we believe our customers can trust us to give them the best advice and service when they need a replacement engine or gearbox.